Monday, October 7, 2013

Supporting Avalonia Land Conservancy

Sunday afternoon, Sept 29,2013: The LaGrua Center was filled with people: friends, supporters and those interested in learning more about Avalonia Land Conservancy. It was pretty much SRO, with folks even in the balcony as Avalonia executives took the floor to discuss our mission and our goals and our needs. Maureen Dewire, Vice President and Secretary, discussed the nature and science behind our conservation and preservation efforts. Backed by lovely photos of our preserves, in a Power Point presentation, she outlined the importance of our effort, the uniqueness of the habitats we are entrusted with, and our goals to create greenways of connected open space within Southeastern CT. Her enthusiasm and passion certainly convinced a number of people in the audience that their help is indeed important in our preservation efforts.
Vice-President and Secretary Maureen Dewire explains the need for conservation.

ALC President Michele Fitzpatrick then outlined more of the nuts and bolts of how we preserve land, the acquisition process, donors, funding efforts, work with grants and how important it is to generate a proper fund to support and sustain our stewardship efforts on the properties we are responsible for and develop a fund for future acquisitions. Special mention was made of the North Stonington Babcock Ridge fund raising effort for acquisition. I am sure it was eye-opening for many in the audience who may have had no idea of the depth and scope of Avalonia’s holdings and the efforts required to sustain them.
President Michele Fitzpatrick addresses the audience.

The presentations were followed by some good Q&A time and then, socializing. Wine and light appetizers were available as guests mingled and talked. There were numerous opportunities for visitors to seek out Avalonia representatives for special questions, exchange ideas, and offer their pledges for membership and donations as well!
All of this was made possible by our sponsors. In the months before this event, Avalonia volunteers sought donations and support from local businesses. We learned a lot from our efforts, but mostly we discovered how generous even the smallest of businesses can be, when they support a mission such as Avalonia’s.
Please support our sponsors that are listed here. Tell them you appreciate their support of the Avalonia Event and let them know they made a difference!

Written by Beth Sullivan.  Photographs by Jim Sullivan.
Here is a text version of our sponsor list:
Aquarion Water Co.
Bank Square Book
Big Y
Brumble Bikes
Charles Schwab
Coogan Gildersleeve Appliances
Dog Watch Cafe
Hunter Moore and Stearns
Johnson Hardware
Kitchen Little
La Grua Shop
Lindberg Marketing and Media
Mattern &Stefon Land Surveyors
Mystic Cycle Center
New England Science & Sailing Foundation, Inc.
Okeefe's Package Store
Poor Morgan Screen Printing
Stonington Eye Care
Stonington Pizza Palace
Stonington Veterinary Hospital
Stop and Shop
The Company of Craftsmen
Zest Bakery

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