Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer: What a beautiful time

By Beth Sullivan

Bluebirds are moving around in small family flocks now that nesting is finished.
Young Osprey should be learning to fish.
Ceder Waxwings only begin to nest in August.
Dragonflies come in numerous beautiful colors and patterns. We are grateful for their diet of mosquitoes. 
Great Egrets hunt along the rocky shore.
Painted Turtles will have laid their eggs in June, but never tend their nests so they are free to bask in the sunshine!
Red Winged Blackbirds continue to stake clam to their territories.
Robins may have multiple broods from spring through late summer.
Shorebirds have started their southern migration.
Tiger Swallowtails continue to adorn the late summer flowers.
Tree Swallow are beginning to line the telephone wires.
Despite their decline, we hope to see more Monarchs as the summer goes on.

Enjoy these beautiful summer days. Hike on one of the nearby Avalonia Preserves and have a beautiful time of your own.

Photographs by Rick Newton.

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