Monday, September 15, 2014

Second Call for Artists and How Everyone can Support The Art of Conservation

By Beth Sullivan
About a month ago I challenged everyone to get out on a preserve, hiking, or even kayaking, and suggested that rather than just enjoy the view, you somehow record it: by photography or some other artistic media. did it go? You still have time. You can see the rules and guidelines here, and entry form as well. The invitations will be in the mail, but please keep an eye on Facebook and the evolving website for more details.

We are putting the event together and we can use your help in several areas: 
  •  Before the event we will need some staff to receive the art at our 6 Hatch Street office in Mystic. There will be labeling and sorting to be done.
  • We are looking for additional judges, to review the artwork and photography and children’s entries.
  • We will need teams of helpers to set up for the event at the Mystic Arts Center: tables and easels, art work and photography, kids’ gallery and main galleries. There are silent auction tables and live auction displays to be managed.

During the event we will need volunteers circulating in the audience during the live auction, to bring attention to bidders. At the end of the silent Auction, we will need people to help process the sales and make sure the right Art Treasure goes home with the right buyer.
If you enjoy this sort of fun, or have had experience hustling and bustling…please join us!
After the event, of course there is clean up. We also need to assure that contest art work and art work that is unsold will be returned to owners.
There are numerous other ways you can help us. Avalonia is not just about stewardship; it takes a lot of work to raise the money needed to create a Bedrock Fund, dedicated to future acquisitions. In June the fund was used to finance the purchase of Babcock Ridge in North Stonington. Now we need to restore the fund. Your donations of art, entry into the contest, attendance at the event and in particular sponsorship for the event will help us rebuild the fund for those lands we hope to acquire in the future. 
Please contact Heather Milardo in the Avalonia office, by email ( or phone message (860-884-3500), to let her know how you can help. She will be setting up assignment sheets with time blocks and can let you know when and where we need you most.

Certainly the most fun is to get out there and create art!!

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