Monday, March 2, 2015


By Beth Sullivan
This winter has been truly challenging. There just does not seem to be an end in sight.
We are trying to plan work parties for March, but I am sure the snow banks will still be high and hard along the roadside walls.
Brush piles are deeply covered by snow and frozen into the ground. Rocks that need to be moved are solidly stuck. Ground we want to prepare for seeding is so covered that we cannot even dream of raking.
It is hard to believe that spring is around the corner and there really is life waiting under the snow.
So maybe we dream……….
Dreaming of this ....

but stuck with this.

This is pretty but...

we would rather see this.

We're looking forward to this...

while trying to enjoy this.


We're waiting for...



Really a long shot...

but we really appreciate this.


These are under the snow...

but when the snow melts, we will welcome these.

Photographs by Beth Sullivan.

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