Monday, May 25, 2015

Avalonia Annual Meeting

Friday May 29, 2015. North Stonington Senior Center, 6:30 pm

By Beth Sullivan
Over the last year or so, Avalonia Land Conservancy has undergone some big changes and is making some great strides. From the ground up the organization is getting in step with new standards and practices.

Avalonia provides nesting opportunities for Purple Martins

We will always strive to acquire important parcels of land, to protect special habitats, and special species, create greenways, and foster an atmosphere that welcomes education and exploration and nurtures love of the land. We have embarked on some more active management projects. Rather than always letting the land sit still and be idle, sometimes outgrowing true optimal usefulness as a habitat, we have done projects that create improve habitats both for the plants and wildlife as well.
Avalonia dedicates a new preserve in North Stonington

Increased stewardship helps Avalonia

We have grown our stewardship teams, hardworking folks who care about the land and the organization, who work hard to maintain, enhance and make the trailed preserves safe and enjoyable for others.
Avalonia connects the trails in Groton

At Preston Nature Preserve the meadows are restored for wildlife

At the town level, the local committees are working to increase communication within their towns, to keep members active and informed, to increase membership and to make connections with other organizations which help us on our mission to manage and improve our preserves.
Groups of students learn about stewardship at Dodge Paddock
We have increased and formalized the standing committees. We can always use more representation and help: Stewardship, Acquisition, Finances, Governance and Planning, and Development. We have also added a Communications Committee that enfolds all aspects of social media, connecting with members and the public, developing outreach and education programs. We will have a super new website, being unveiled shortly, a blog, a newsletter that is rapidly turning to a new and improved digital format for quicker news and greater appeal. We are introducing an Instagram account for photo sharing as well as a photo gallery on the new website. As before, Facebook has continued to be the place to find updates on events, walks and news.
Avalonia provides opportunities to explore and grow outdoors

Land Trust Alliance accreditation planned

At the leadership level, Executives and the Board of Directors are streamlined and working together to work toward Land Trust Alliance accreditation. Getting the house in order is no small feat, and the rigors of doing so are making us all appreciate the challenges of being a successful, productive all-volunteer land trust.
Avalonia provided new Osprey platforms in Stonington Marshes
We welcome everyone to our Annual Meeting, Friday May 29, at 6:30 pm. Join us at the North Stonington Senior Center on Rt 2 by the Holly Green Plaza. We will report on the year’s achievements. We will introduce and elect our new or returning Executives and Board. Our speakers will be Doug Thompson and Jennifer Pagach, directors of the Goodwin Niering Center for the Environment at Connecticut College. We have worked with their students for three years now as part of their Service Learning course-a great collaboration.
Avalonia creaetd new young forest habitat
The beautiful quilt will be raffled off at 8pm. Tickets will be available at the event and are still available by contacting the Avalonia office or a town chair person.

Please join us, for this one night, or planning to make a commitment to an organization that is YOUR land trust, which would welcome your energy, skills and service!

Photographs by Beth Sullivan and Avalonia volunteers.

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