Monday, November 9, 2015

Art of Conservation: Second annual event

By Beth Sullivan
On Saturday Oct 24, a lucky group of people were treated to a lovely evening of fun with friends, good food, and soothing music in a beautiful venue surrounded by some really amazing artwork and even more amazing opportunities to purchase it at a bargain! To top it all off…they were doing a great thing by supporting the mission of Avalonia Land Conservancy. How could you go wrong?
A panoramic photo of Sandy Point by John Papp caused a bidding war.

This was the second year of the Art of Conservation event. Last year was hard work, but we had good reviews, opportunities to improve and learn and grow. It led to an even better event this year. Word spread and what was most special was that local artists were even more generous than last year! The selection of donated art ranged from fine art and photography, to three-dimensional art of sculpture, jewelry, fiber art, and prints and cards, and nature books that were stunningly illustrated.
Bidding was lively and good natured, 

Good art, good food, and good drink

The attendees were treated to beverages and delicious finger food as they browsed the main gallery to view items for the live auction. At the same time, the silent auction ran in the lower gallery where it seemed everyone gathered for the longest time, hoping to get their own bids on the last line, before last call at the end of the evening.
A lovely spread was offered throughout the evening.

This year we had a much larger selection of art to offer and as a result, bidders had less competition for each piece. While there were several lively bidding wars for certain special items, many were able to be purchased well below their value. Folks went home with their Christmas shopping well underway!
President Michele Fitzpatrick welcomed guests and thanked everyone for their support.

This event is gathering steam and has returned a modest profit to support Avalonia’s local efforts. We are already beginning to think of ways to change and improve and make it a bigger event. We are looking for committee members who are willing to brainstorm and help plan for next year.

A thank you to our sponsors

We are thankful for our sponsors: Chelsea Groton Bank, The Company of Craftsmen, Dime Bank, Mattern and Stefon Land Surveyors LLC, New England Science and Sailing Foundation, and Shaffer’s Marina.
Music was provided by Maryann Koch and Bill Johnson III.

A full list of donors and those who provided services will be found on our website. Please support them as they have supported us.
Volunteers planned the event, set up, provided flowers and were the heart of the show.

We are truly grateful for the generosity of our local artists who continue to support a vision that we ourselves are committed to. By lending their names and talents to our cause, they help spread the word of our mission to acquire, protect and steward the special green spaces and habitats that make our corner of CT so very special.
There was plenty of time to review and bid on silent auction offerings.

The nature here nurtures our souls and inspires art. What a wonderful way to connect the two.

Photographs by Bruce Fellman.

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