Monday, November 21, 2016

Giving Thanks

By Beth Sullivan
As we approach this most wonderful holiday, I always appreciate the ability to look back over the year and think of all the ways we have helped one another and been helped by so many.
We need to be grateful that there are organizations such as Avalonia, all across the state, country and even the world, working to preserve landscapes, large and small, so that they will be available for future generations of people and wildlife.
We are grateful for our members and donors who understand the need to support us with their time, membership, and donations to make sure this effort continues.
We need to thank those who spend countless hours caring for the land we protect.
The future is always uncertain; we need to protect our resources and encourage our leaders to do so as well. Parents need to show their children what it means to love the Earth, and we need to make sure there is clean water for them to explore, open land to visit, and trees to hug.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. With our sincere thanks to all who help us on our mission.

Photographs by Avalonia members and volunteers.

We are:

Blessed with seasons that change and bring beauty everyday.

Grateful for stewards who help maintain the preserves. 

Grateful for those who strive to teach the next generation about the wonders of our world.

Indebted to those organizations who collaborate with us to achieve our stewardship goals.

Thankful Avalonia continues to protect open spaces that invite everyone to walk and learn to love nature.

Thankful for founders and donors like Anna Coit.

We hope there will always be trees to hug and parents who encourage their children to do so.

We hope there will be clean water and fresh streams to explore for all generations.

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