Monday, July 2, 2018

A note from Beth

Dear friends and readers of Avalonia eTrails:
Some of you might have noticed I have been a bit MIA over the last couple of months - no personal blogs but a lot of great help from the Conn College students. The Blog-Master Al has also been able to comb through past blogs to find things that are seasonally timely and pertinent. They ran years ago, before we had so many new readers.
Life has conspired to deliver some challenges. One wonderful and inspiring, one scary, and both at the same time. We have been blessed with a new granddaughter: Ava Josephine. And I am providing some special care and a lot of time that only a Mom/Grammie can provide. It is a special opportunity to form a bond that will, hopefully, last a lifetime.The other is illness in our immediate family. It is a blow, it is scary, and it is challenging to think about the best way to move forward. Certainly one day at a time. It has made me reorder my thoughts and priorities, set aside things I used to think were important, and use my energy and time for different goals. However, I realize that underlying so much of everything that is happening, I still hold strongly to belief that being in nature has healing powers. I have had time to think.
When faced with an illness, we absolutely have to cherish every moment we have. We have to notice every little thing. Appreciate the small beauties and details we find on even a very short walk in the woods or around the yard. There is no need to go far to find small bits of peace in a hectic time. I have a rock in the woods where I sit for a minute when I can. I am grateful when I have time to weed my garden a little bit. I will not take for granted my health and energy. I have learned to enjoy the Catbird that sings incessantly at day break when I may really like to sleep but am snuggling a newborn. We talk about birds a lot during those hours together.
Bringing a new human into this world is a major responsibility. But it is an amazing opportunity to be able to teach and shape a new little life. With a child, I see things differently. Like that Catbird. Or just the beautiful simple contrast of green leaves against a blue sky. I feel the breeze on my face and watch her try and taste it as it reaches hers.
I am ever more committed to our mission of preserving land and habitats, so that this next generation will always have a place to walk and learn and explore and love. There is so much at risk in this world today. Everyone must choose their passion, and mine is to do as much as possible to make sure that there are places to explore, and create ways to help people explore them and learn from them and love them.
I surely hope that the next months will become calmer and settled. That newborns and new moms grow into security and joy together. Each day there is such amazing growth and beauty. And that illness will be cured and strength regained, so we can get out and enjoy stretching our legs a bit farther to heal better.
In the meantime, please take the time to get outdoors, to find a trail, find a special spot for meditation and release. Enjoy that Catbird. Take a child to a new place and take the time to appreciate the small things in life, because those will be the great things that they will remember. I sincerely believe that.
Enjoy some eTrail reruns, take some photos and share with other Avalonia friends on Instagram or Hike and Seek. I will be looking out for them.

Children remind us of the truth and need for time in nature

Enjoy the early morning chatter of a happy Catbird.

One only needs to look up from a stationary spot to find vast variety.

Find beauty in the smallest of shapes in places close to home.

I saw pink clouds welcoming a new little girl into our life

I look forward to showing Ava the fun of dandelions.

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