Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Knox Preserve Work Party Saturday, April 27

There will be a work day event at Knox Preserve, located off Route 1 in Stonington, this Saturday, April 27. 

The time is more or less 9 am to 3 pm. In addition to our Avalonia volunteers, there will also be a group of Connecticut College students attending as part of a course they are taking. They will be helping with our clean up, as well as working on individual project areas. We will need some "supervisors" for various projects.
The field at Knox Preserve in bloom. Photo by Beth Sullivan.

In addition, we have a group of younger, home school students, who have made a number of bluebird houses for us, and are looking forward to erecting some of them around Knox. More supervision needed! 
We have woody brush piles to remove from field areas for easier mowing. Lots of trees need to be untangled from invasive vines, there are still invasive patches along walls, but we have to be aware birds may be nesting already. 
We may need to cut some small cedars and make posts for bird houses. We will need to dig holes, too. 
We may also try a ceremonial lifting of the Martin House system as well. 
There are a few places the trails can be widened, and an area by a little pond on the lower trail by the tracks can be opened up a bit.  We have been given the OK from the dump to bring our brush, no charge. If anyone is willing to use their pick up or trailer for a trip-that would be great too. 

We need to girdle some oak trees and while that may take tools...not meant for college kids...they can help. 

If you can bring tools, PLEASE make sure they are LABELED with your name. The students really don't have many tools, so we need to share.  Bring gloves, eye protection. The students have a plan to break for lunch..guess we need to think about that too.

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