Monday, November 24, 2014

To Be Thankful 2014

By Beth Sullivan
We live in a time and place that gives us a great deal to be thankful for. As an Avalonia representative, advocate, and steward, I have learned a lot in the last year, and some of that is related to what we have, and what we give thanks for.
Avalonia conserves land so future generations can experience it
We live in a beautiful part of the country. The variety and diversity of habitats and wildlife is amazing. Think of what you see every day as you go about your daily business. Think of the view to the water, a hillside in autumn, a woodland trail, or a clean clear stream. And think about what the alternatives could be: pavement and development, pollution or even lack of access.
We work to preserve the view and access to nature.

We provide a place for quiet contemplation.
We are thankful that Avalonia Land Conservancy exists to protect and conserve these elements of our daily life that we may take for granted. We are thankful that these areas will remain for the next generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Many Help Us

In order to protect them we need help. We are grateful to all the connections we have made in the last years. Collaborations have helped us purchase land, and also to maintain and manage it. We could not have accomplished as much as we have without the help of DEEP, NRCS, USFWS, Mystic Aquarium, to name a few. We have received funding from numerous sources that has allowed us to do bigger projects, for greater good. We collaborate with educational institutions, too numerous to mention that study, investigate, and supply us with information that helps us understand the best way to manage our lands for the benefit of the wildlife: from New England Cottontails to Horseshoe Crabs, and from Piping Plovers to Box Turtles.
Collaborations and connections help us succeed.

Protecting habitat protects wildlife.

We are grateful for all the stewards who step up to help us on our properties. Many times they go unrecognized as they work quietly and efficiently to keep trails open, brush cut, walls repaired, invasive species under control, and litter picked up.
We thank those who work behind the scenes, not in the field but in the offices, trying to figure out finances and budgets and strategic plans and accreditation standards. They are all volunteers dedicated to helping the organization grow and function smoothly.

Our Members make Avalonia Successful 

Most importantly we need to thank our members and donors. Without your financial support, we would not have the ability to acquire the land as an investment in our future. We could not afford to manage and protect it. Like so many other non-profit organizations, we rely on the goodness and generosity of those who believe in our basic mission, to acquire, protect and manage the lands we cherish, so that the future generations (of wildlife and humans) will benefit.
Volunteers in the field, or marsh get the job done.

Thanks to all. Beth

Photographs by Beth Sullivan.

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